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Admittedly I dont really have any VHS leads I am honestly thinking about the nostradaumaus lupin III vhs fansub alot I am starting to think of the one saying of the thing about lost media is not all lost media can even be found all my leads are pretty much dead by over 10 years but still I hold out hope. If anything my friend did find a interesteding animorphs VHS tape which is hilarious because I've heard the animorphs tv show wasnt very good

It is disability pride month though welcome to wrath month!

Sorry for the lack of posts this is mostly due to my june pride month being more like hell month and suffering, I did finish about 2 fursuit partials in that time though which is super baller all things considered when it comes to being productive, it does mean I dont have as much art to show besides alot of concept work and design too so there is mostly just sketch level finish stuff to show which is kind of unforunate.

this is elias klondike he's still in development but he is ideally a thief that shows up elsewhere in a developmental project abliet he's not even the main character in the series itself but he is an important aspect of it. I do like his design alot and I've really enjoyed chipping away on it.

along with that here are the two fursuit light partials I've worked on this month which have taken up most of my time which is weird to be back into this again but very very welcoming to do again as I really do like to sew along with all the fun computer stuff I do lmao. these guys are up for sale on my etsy