[About me]

| Travis | He/Him | 20 |
Certified Some Internet Guy
Visual Graphics Graduate of 2021
Disabled Mobility Aid User

Contact me at cryptidetr@gmail.com if you'd like to inquire about VHS , Art/Plush Commission, ETC
Also feel free to dm me on my social medias, as I will respond! I understand English and Spanish
I Work and do College (getting another degree) full time still even if disabled I am married to the grind
My interests are Star Trek - Pokemon - Splatoon and Lupin III ! I love my sillies and goofies

I do alot of this VHS stuff simply out of the enjoyment of in your hands media and some parts a drive to find media that is lost, admittedly I just collect star trek vhs cause I like it, but any other tapes its more out of the fact its hard to find them and I'd like to archive them

I should say this site is meant to be very much the most silly and goofy looking little thing
I may have spent several years in college to be a well oiled graphic design machine
but I am a sucker for having the most personality thick html css over styled website that's also mobile friendly!