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First and foremost happy pride month!
I am admittedly very much gay so fuck yea, hope to kiss a cute boy sometime!

I did not mean to be gone this long I got incredibly sick after having a close friend of mine visit from accross the country and admittedly I am Immunocompromised so I expected to get sick but definitely for not as long as I did.

Secondly, I have been spending alot of time digitizing my VHS tapes that I have obtained but I am not publically releasing any of these initial recordings because they're terribly optimized format wise because I have spent most of my time just testing out even getting the tapes to record with my dinky little laptop set up in the first place. I will eventually start hosting my archived content I just want to be able to provide the best quality possible.

I do want to say I did aqquire a new tape it being the first ever licensed localization of the Lupin III Fuma Consprirarcy aka "Rupan III" thanks to being linked to it by MystSaphyr and I've now spent a embarassing amount of time combing through this distro's VHS page in which there are 139 pages lmao. This is my first time owning a Anime tape that isn't fansubbed so thats kinda neat !

If you want to scroll through a shit ton of VHS for sale feel free to look Here

Anyways I think thats all I can talk about at the moment ! I have alot of stuff in the works rn and I hope to share more soon!