[Terms of Service]

Commissioning me automatically binds you to these terms. if you have any questions please email me at cryptidetr@gmail.com
[Last Updated: 5/8/2023]

Payment is accepted through Paypal, Zelle and Cashapp
Transactions are handled in USD only

I as the artist retain the right to deny a commission for any reason acceptance is not garenteed
Along with that prices are subject to change.
Commissions require payment fully 100% upfront in advance
Plush Commissions while paid upfront 30% is non refundable

Completed Commissions cannot be refunded
Abandoned/Cancelled Commissions will be repurposed/resold at my own disgression though no use of the client's property involved in the commission will be kept
Commmissions can be cancelled by me for personal or work related reasons at any time.
any Commmission that lacks a non-refundable downpayment will be reimbursed in full
Any commissioner that has stopped responding to communications with me the artist within 2 weeks will automatically be cancelled and the money refunded to the commissioner.

Any Commission needed by a certain deadline needs to be stated at time of purchase
Depending on the timeframe rush fees may apply.
Expected turn around time depends on the commission itself, and the weight of the project.
If at any moment I am unable to meet ETA or delays occur the Commissioner will immediately be notified

Use of my artwork/designs in AI or NFTs (non-fungiable tokens) is strictly prohibited.

Digital Art Commissions
you the commissioner get personal rights usage to any artwork commissioned automatically. Any art you repost of your commission I do ask give credit but it is not required. I also retain the right to post the final product of this artwork unless the commissioner specifies the need for this artwork to be private.

Commercial use of Commissioned artwork is not allowed unless purchased from me the artist for a fee, this depends on the project and nature of the work itself. Royalty fees or a One time payment may apply to merch design commissions.

Major Adjustments can be asked in the sketch and lineart stages of the commission.
Small Adjustments such as coloring or artist errors can be asked at any time.
WIPS are sent in order of initial sketch-->refined sketch-->lineart-->flats-->shading-->final render.
if adjustments are excessive and hindering the finished product putting it in limbo it may be cancelled and partially refunded a precentage based on the preexisting work done

Plush Commissions
Plush commissions I will post the finished product unless asked by the commissioner not too. What you do with these plushies once they leave my hands is up to you. if a Plush is damaged or has issues I will fix the plush free of charge just pay for postage to ship them to me, and I will pay for postage to ship your repaired friend back to you ! I do not have a limit to this warrenty and am open to fixing my older work and even accidents (such as pet induced destruction). Feel free to post your plushies in whatever way you wish, but do not claim them as your own work.

Revisions and WIPS when handling revisions I allow up to 5 free revisions of a plush any further revisions will cost 5-20 dollars per revision depending on its size and extensiveness. if adjustments are excessive and hindering the finished product putting it in limbo it may be cancelled and partially refunded a precentage based on the preexisting work done
I send WIPS in as many stages of development as possible from fabric choices to completed parts, revisions can be asked for at any point before finishing.